Terms of Service

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  • Last update: 2017/09/06.

Parties and terminology introduction

The parties referred to in this Agreement are defined as follows:

  1. 妹萌え! acceleration team is the site 妹萌え!'s (hereinafter referred to as the "妹萌え!" or "the site" or "us" or "we") owner and service provider. For the purposes of this agreement, the following web sites or services, including various data transmission services, hosts or web hosting services, are referred to as "sites" or "services"".

    When the first person pronouns (妹萌え!, we, us etc.) used in this agreement, refer to 妹萌え! network acceleration team. In addition, when using the term "site" or "the site" refers to any website provided by 妹萌え!, unless that site has a clear immunity policy.

  2. You, the 妹萌え!'s customers - as our clients or web service users, this Agreement may use any second person instead of.

Please read the terms and conditions of the hosting service below. Through a successful subscription service from 妹萌え!, means you agree to all terms and conditions to comply with this Agreement (agreement). If you agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement, press my acceptance (or similar scenario) or select the appropriate frame, which means that you intend to accept these terms and conditions. You should print or otherwise save the agreement as a future reference copy. If you do not agree with all the terms and conditions of this agreement, that you do not agree to this service and terms, do not buy the products and services from us, and click on the browser "back" button, or close this website. 妹萌え! only when you agree to the terms of service, will provide service for you. The agreement is signed under global and domestic commercial law. Any use of the services provided clear behavior, that you understand and agree to the following terms of service.


1.1   Before the purchase of services in our website, you can see a series of lists of services. You can choose the required package from the list of services. This term applies to all the services you have chosen. If your subscription service, we believe that you are accepte this terms of service, 妹萌え! keep the right to refuse to provide any service for you by any reason. Although the running time of our guarantee listed in section eleventh of this agreement, 妹萌え! also has the right to access service interruption for regular maintenance need in an emergency. You can order additional services at any time. All additional services are considered "services" below. All the services provided are subject to the circumstances and apply to all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

2、Terms of Services' revision

The application of this Agreement complete contains your service purchased from 妹萌え! (as defined below). 妹萌え! can modify this agreement at any time terms, including fees (as defined below) at the same time, 妹萌え! has the obligation to inform the user terms of updates, including but not limited to email notification notification, notification website and social media.

2.1   We may amend the agreement at any time. You agree that we reserve the right to do so. You agree that we have the right to do so unilaterally. The updated version will replace any previous version immediately after release, and the version no longer has legal effect unless the revision is in agreement with the previous version. Any third party revision of this agreement is deemed null and void.

2.2   We agree that, if any changes are made to our agreement, we will change the "Last update" date at the top of this agreement. You agree to revisit the web page again regularly. You agree to take note of the date of the final revision of this agreement. If the "Last update" date does not change from the last time you look at this agreement, then you can assume that the agreement has changed since you last checked it. If the "Last update" date has changed, then you can be sure that the terms of the agreement have been changed.

2.3   If you need to cancel the service as a result of any modification we have made, you must do it by written application within thirty (30) days from the date of the final revision. The continued use of the service after the effective date of any such notification indicates that you accept these changes.

2.4   Waiver - if you forget to review this Agreement on a regular basis, you are personally liable for it. You have the right to view this revision at any time. For any reason of your own ignore to review the reason, 妹萌え! is not responsible for these actions

3、Agreement and cancellation policy

3.1   The initial period begins with the confirmation of your order or service and the time of our receive of your legitimate funds. The length of this term is chosen by you, and should be noted when you order our service. This Agreement shall not terminate your initial period, unless 妹萌え! default.

3.2   妹萌え! can terminate this Agreement ("No reason termination") at any time for any reason or no reason. In this case, 妹萌え! will provide written notice to you.

3.3   If 妹萌え! cancel the Agreement by any provision of this Agreement, 妹萌え! will not give you refund.If you need to terminate the service, you have obligation to cancel the prepaid service subscription before It take effect. If the 妹萌え! initiated termination, all prepaid hosting fees will be forfeited, non will be refundable. This means that the termination of this Agreement does not relieve the payment of any fees.

3.4   In addition, 妹萌え! has the right to terminate any part of the Agreement. When the following situations happened, 妹萌え! can terminate your service: (a) violate the described of the content of terms of service ("TOS") (b) violate or infringe any third party intellectual property rights or privacy, or copyright, (C) does not comply with any applicable laws, or regulations(d) has been uploaded, publish or disseminate any images, text, graphics, or video encoding that 妹萌え! think that is illegal or high risk. We have discretionary power, and the purpose of any of the contents of this agreement is that we do not have any responsibility or obligation to monitor or review your content, or your user uploads or releases content at any time. You are still responsible for your content and responsible for any responsibility arising from it.

4、Account settings

4.1   When you register your account, you will be required to fill in your login account (e-mail) and password. You can and can only use this service or modify your data and content through such user identification and password. You are fully responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your user name and password, and for all the activities that use those credentials. You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized access, using your account or any other breaches of security.

4.2   You must provide us with a major email address and guarantee its availability. All notifications and communications between us will be sent to the email address you provide, so you need to keep this address unblocked and notify us if your address is changed. If your contact and / or billing information changes, you should notify us so that we can update your account. Please ensure that our domain name and other email addresses we send are not included in any spam blocking list used by you or your mail provider.

4.3   Any kind of wrong or inaccurate contact information will cause we can not provide the correct necessary services, this problem leads to the interruption of service will not get SLA guarantee; if you provided any kind of false / fraudulent information, your account maybe banned based on the relevant provisions of this agreement's part 3.

4.4   You are responsible for all activities and changes in your account. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you keep in mind the strict security measures to keep documents, directories, and script's permissions. By default, we comfirm that you have the technical capabilities to manage your services. You must be responsible for any issues caused by your changes on your account, including but not limited to, cause your site damage, 妹萌え!'s site and / or damage to the equipment, and any other site's damage.

5、Intellectual property right

5.1   All services provided through 妹萌え! can only be used for legitimate purposes.

5.2   Between you and 妹萌え!, we declare it does not hold intellectual property right or content (including but not limited to text, software, music, sound, audiovisual works, movies, pictures, animation, video and graphics, namely "your content") that you provide and use in your service. You use a 妹萌え!'s product and / or service, by this way, You authorize us to use your content, non exclusive, worldwide, royalty free license, copy, create derivative works, and show through Internet transmission.

5.3   妹萌え! can (but not required) provide some content for you, including but not limited to computer software (in the form of object code or source code), data files or information development, 妹萌え! or its suppliers provided the domain name, email address, other network address, other proprietary technology, methods process and equipment, that assigned to you under this agreement, with the service that 妹萌え! provide to you("main content") .According to the terms of service of this agreement, 妹萌え! grant you connected alone with the service main content limited, voidable, non transferable, non exclusive license. At the termination of this agreement, the license shall be terminated. You acknowledge and agree that 妹萌え! owns all right, title and interest of copyright, all applicable licenses, or other main content's all rights, trade secrets, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights that obtained by any other ways. Any use of main content after termination of this agreement is strictly prohibited without permission. You agree that no main content will be uploaded, transmitted, copied, distributed or used in any way without written permission.

5.4   This Agreement does not constitute a license to use 妹萌え!'s service marks or any other trade badge. Any use of 妹萌え!'s service marks or any other trade badge is strictly prohibited without written permission.

5.5   You know, even nominal damages may require a lot of legal fees, travel costs, costs, and other amounts. You agree that you will pay all of these fees and expenses.

6、Content and terms of Service

6.1   You agree to comply with 妹萌え!'s Terms of Service,( referred to as TOS), it can be found by visiting the TOS page from 妹萌え!'s website. Some of these are incorporated into this paper as a reference and are integral parts of this article. The revised policy 妹萌え! posted on the website, and keep the right to modify the terms of service at any time, at the same time, 妹萌え! has the obligation to inform users the terms of service, including but not limited to email notification, website notification and social media notification. You agree to visit the site regularly and check the clear terms of service, the continued use of 妹萌え!'s service after the change of this TOS, means you accept the new terms of service and are bound by it. If the behavior of end user violated the terms of service or terms of use, 妹萌え! will have the right to terminate your access to services at any time.

6.2   The proactive detection will not be used to our end users in our service for the content, although we can decide to do it or not with the help of technical means, but we keep the right to revealed any necessary information of your account under the condition when laws and regulations or government organization ask us to do so. 妹萌え! will investigate violations of the rights of third parties or violate the terms of service.妹萌え! will try to reduce the abuse of 妹萌え! services. 妹萌え! will have the right to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, and keep the right to keep contact with them, if law enforcement authorities suspect you and your end-users violate local laws, regulations and policies where you and the area in which the server is located. All the terms contained in this section are to confer the rights of third parties, but no third party has the right to enforce any of the terms of this agreement.

6.3   You must agree that 妹萌え! will not assume any violation of the terms of service by you and your end user, as well as the laws, regulations and policies relating to you and the area in which the server is located, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

6.4   妹萌え! may automatically terminate your access to the service and terminate this agreement. This is because you or your end user and downstream customer have violated the terms of service and the terms of use.

6.5   妹萌え! attaches great importance to child pornography, minors use our services are potentially harmful, it should be banned altogether, however, the guardian may authorize minors have limited use of 妹萌え!'s service. Any content that may be considered child pornography will be deleted and banned from access, which applies to any service of 妹萌え!. Any customer hosting or access to child pornography through 妹萌え! will be immediately removed from the service and notified to local law enforcement agencies. You agree to cooperation with 妹萌え! to prevent child pornography access, any child pornography, or solicitation, or to lure minors sexual activity or indecent behavior is strictly prohibited, and will be regarded as the same as child pornography. 妹萌え! has the right to file lawsuits against clients hosting and accessing child pornography through 妹萌え!'s service.

6.6   If you suspect that a 妹萌え! network is hosting the child pornography, we encourage you to complain abuse immediately by email us, and include the customer's file name or URL (or other position), the victim (if known), birth date, production date and related suspicious image (s) and any other information. Alternatively, you can use CyberTipline to report suspicious child pornography, if something child pornography that is not hosted by us, that should directly complain to law enforcement or the website: https://www.asacp.org/index.php?content=report .

6.7   We respect the intellectual property rights of all parties and have passed the termination policy on copyright infringement based on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A copy of our repeated infringement termination policy may be requested to be supplied to our customers.

6.8   You agree that you have the responsibility to prevent your taking care of minors from your purchase of our services, directly or indirectly, to access any harmful or inappropriate content. You agree not to allow minors to visit any service and take relevant restrictions to prevent them from doing so. Many commercial online security filters which can help users to limit harmful to minors or inappropriate access. Please notice, this website does not make any statement or any related products or references on these sites of service guarantee, we recommend users to do appropriate investigation before buy or install any online filter. If your computer can be accessed by minors, you agree to take special measures to prevent minors from browsing the site. Finally, you agree that if you are parents or you are the guardian of minor children, it is your duty to prevent minors from accessing any inappropriate content through our services, not ours.

7、Zero tolerance spam policy

7.1   It is strictly prohibited to use any spam on 妹萌え!'s network, if you and your end users to use SPAM in the clear network, we have the right to terminate your service.

7.2   We posted revised policies on the website and reserved the right to revise anti spam policies at any time. You agree to visit our website regularly and check the latest anti spam policy, continue to use our services after any anti spam policy change be published, on behalf of you to accept the new anti spam policy and bound by it. If the end user's behavior violates the terms of service or anti spam policy, we will have the right to suspend your access to the service at any time.


8.1   The payment service covers the entire service period in 妹萌え!, and abide by the agreement, unless your service will be terminated, 妹萌え! will delete your service after a time out of your payment, this is an automatic and irreversible process.

8.2   Unless their is a special consultation between you and us, and after the written agreement, otherwise the installation fee and service cycle of payment of the service you choose, should be paid in the online order as the initial fee, all the setup fee and special setup fee is not refundable. Service charges need to be paid in advance, and your service may be suspended or deleted without timely payment of service charges.

8.3   Once register finished, you must choose a payment method, and we reserve the right to sign an agreement with all third parties to handle all payment requests. Such third parties may impose additional terms and conditions to manage payment processing. If you pay the service fee due not timely payment, 妹萌え! will retain the right to claim overdue penalty within the scope of the law.

8.4   You agree to pay any taxes due to the use of this service, including personal income tax, VAT or sales tax. We are not responsible for the use of bank checks, credit cards, insufficient funds, and any fees you may have with your financial institution when you use our service. We should be paid in full, and you will have to pay for it if you generate additional fees due to tax, exchange rate differences, bank charges, transfer fees, etc..

8.5   You also agree to pay any lawyer fees, collection fees and other charges arising here(from our service). At the same time, we will not refund any installation fees, special setup fees, and the remaining prepaid fees.

8.6   Once we begin to provide services, we will no longer accept any refund requests, unless this is because our products and services exist in a wide range of common and can be reproduced quality problems. You understand and agree that even if you request the cancellation of these services or products, we have already consumed the underlying costs and taken risks, so we will not refund any fees.

8.7   Special products and services may be allowed to offer a refund, but 妹萌え! will has the right to deduct the necessary payment gateway fee and other expenses in the refund. The refund you receive at the end may also differ from the payment gateway you require. 妹萌え! will not provide any assistance to these problems.

8.8   Coupons and coupon codes - from time to time, we will provide clear coupons and discount code. Unless other statement, these coupons and coupon codes may apply only to the first purchase of a customer or only one-time; this means that you if have ordered a 妹萌え! service but the discount may not take effect, or in the next billing cycle will no longer have the preferential. These coupon and privilege codes may not be applied to you when you upgrade your product. Any account attempting to abuse coupon and coupon codes will be suspended or deleted.

9、Backup measures & Data loss

9.1   You agree that the service data you are using is secure and maintained by yourself. 妹萌え! through the necessary measures, including the use of standby power systems and data backup system or other legitimate scheme, to protect your data's security. However, this still requires you to take measures to protect your data's security. We can not guarantee that you will be able to completely restore your service when data loss occurs. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to build your own routine backup program to ensure your data security.

9.2   If you want us to provide you daily backup service, this is the agreement does not provide, however you can contact us for value-added service, we provide a variety of regular service backup service, you can choose one of them as a solution, we will go through a separate written agreement for that services.

10、Resource usage & Safe

10.1   妹萌え! has no restrictions on per account's system resources and hardware usage. We do not voluntary deactivate user accounts unless they exceed the acceptable level of use or maintain the use of the customer, which can seriously affect the experience of other customers.

10.2   Unless expressly permitted by law, you may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble this web site and / or derivative content. You agree not to use any equipment automatic or manual process to monitor or copy this website or content, and not use any equipment, software, computer code or virus interference or attempt to interfere or disrupt our service and website.

10.3   Security - any violation of the security of websites and / or services is prohibited and may result in criminal and civil liability. You agree not to violate or attempt to alter or manipulate hardware and software with such activity, that endangering servers or any other unauthorized use. You are prohibited from doing such things below:

  1. Unauthorized access or use of data, systems, or networks, including websites and / or services, in any form。
  2. Unauthorized interference to any user's services, hosts, or networks.
  3. Introduce malicious programs into networks or servers (such as viruses and worms), including websites and / or services.
  4. Circumvent any host, network or account's user and security authentication.
  5. Use our services to compromise our or other websites' security.

When you participate in any violation of system security situation, we have the right to publish information about you for a system administrator or other web sites, to help them resolve security incidents, we will also work with any law enforcement agencies to investigate crime and violation of system or network security. In addition, in violation of these safety regulations, we may terminate your account in accordance with section 3 of this agreement.

10.4   Traffic usage - your monthly amount of data transfer is determined by your purchase of a particular service or subscription. If you use more than your monthly limit, your account will be suspended, and the recovery will be according to different products or services in the beginning of next month or your billing date . Unused traffic is not carried forward to next month.

10.5   Fair use policy - we provide specific services or subscribe to our customers, we expect users to use them according to the description of each service, which refers to the entire billing cycle of any given definition of normal, fair, reasonable use. When we judge that a user is not using services or subscriptions properly, we may take action to mitigate the negative effects that include, but are not limited to, connection restrictions and access restrictions. Unfair uses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Lent, disclosure, and resale 妹萌え!'s user account and service.
  2. Uninterrupted use of various types of P2P, BT, PT download services.
  3. Exceeding the limit number of users.
  4. A program that consumes a large amount of resources over a single resource delivery point for a long time.
  5. The act of violating the relevant laws and regulations of the country or region where the resources delivery points are located.

11、SLA guarantee

11.1   妹萌え! tries to ensure service's availability. When we face vis major, software failure and other problems led to service's interruption, 妹萌え! will restore basic services as soon as possible, but we can not guarantee complete recovery. You understand and agree that when you encounter usability problems, will contact 妹萌え! team.

12、Changes of price

12.1   The service you pay will not change the price for a certain period of time. We keep the right to change the price of services at any time, without notice, and keep the right to modify the number of resources we offer to users. In addition, if we terminate this agreement of your service by paragraph 3.2, and we decided to provide service to you in the future, your previous fees will not be included in the new service, you still need to pay the service fee, and check the details of relevant expenses, this is your responsibility. 妹萌え! will not update your plan automatically, all the upgrade or downgrade will be based on your requirements may include the modification fee or requested to contact with us.


13.1   You agree to maintain, protect 妹萌え!, and its affiliates, from any debts, including lawyers and experts in a reasonable cost, relate to:

  1. Contrary to your agreement under this Agreement;
  2. Produced by your use of our service;
  3. All actions arising from the activity of your username and password;
  4. Any sale of goods or services, advertising with your content or your information and data;
  5. Any material, defamatory or defamatory or illegal material in your content or your information or data;
  6. Any claim or argument, that is, your content or your information and data infringes any third party's patent, copyright or other intellectual property, or violates privacy or discloses any third party rights;
  7. Access or use your content or your information and data by any third party;
  8. Violate any applicable terms of service;
  9. You warrant and state: 1) the content and the title of you in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations; 2) you the customer is above 18 years old in your content; 3) your content does not contain a child pornography, obscenity, bestiality, true description of violence, or any illegal image based on Chinese laws.

14、No extra protection

14.1   You definitely agree that your use of the service is at your own risk. 妹萌え! clear refused any express or implied warranty, including all warranties, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability for specific purpose, title and non infringement. 妹萌え! does not guarantee that the service will meet your needs, or that these services will not be interrupted, secure or non-error. Publicity contents and any comments made should be considered ad references and are not guaranteed. You understand and agree that any use of your services and / or data downloaded or obtained through the services is by your own decision, you take the risk, and you will be the sole responsibility to accept the damage to your computer system or loss of data.

妹萌え! may provide something does not belong to the service ("third party service or software") such as part of the third party products, services and / or software to you. 妹萌え! beyond the control of the third party service or software's content. Any use of third party services or software, you will take the risk individual and accept to the terms and conditions of your separate agreement with the third parties. 妹萌え! will not offer you any product or service's warranty.